13th World Kidney Day & 5th Shanghai Kidney Week in Shanghai, China


Shanghai Society of Nephrology shanghai China

Date of event

8 March 2018 


On March 8th, Shanghai Society of Nephrology held a press conference with the name of “13th World Kidney Day & 5th Shanghai Kidney Week” as the opening ceremony of a city-wide campaign. Professor Zhaohui Ni, president of Shanghai Society of Nephrology, director of Department of Nephrology, Renji Hospital affiliated to Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine, advocated for public attention to kidney health management, especially focusing on identifying and treating women’s kidney diseases, and promoting affordable and equitable access to health education, healthcare and prevention for kidney diseases for all women. In response to China’s The Belt and Road Initiative and Healthy China policy, this series of activities to popularize scientific knowledge organized by Shanghai Medical association was also available in Kashgar, Xinjiang Province using online video. In this week, nephrologists from major tertiary hospitals in Shanghai will provide free clinic, health consultation, popular science lectures and patients gatherings in downtown and suburbs, in order to raise public awareness of kidney health and to increase awareness and education to facilitate women’s access to treatment and better health outcomes.

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