12th World Kidney Day & 4rd Shanghai Kidney Week & Science Popularization of Shanghai Medical Association Centenary


Shanghai Society of Nephrology Shanghai China

Date of event

9 March 2017 


On March 9th, Shanghai Society of Nephrology held a press conference named “12th World Kidney Day, 4rd Shanghai Kidney Week, Science Popularization of Shanghai Medical Association Centenary and Promoting Kidney Health Awareness in Suburbs and Campus” with the theme of “kidney disease and obesity” as the opening ceremony of a city-wide campaign. Professor Zhaohui Ni, president of Shanghai Society of Nephrology, director of Department of Nephrology, Renji Hospital, School of Medicine, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, advocated for public attention to kidney health management, especially focusing on kidney disease and metabolic disorders. Popular science booklets and free lectures on kidney health were available at the conference as well. In this week, nephrologists from major teaching hospitals in Shanghai will provide free clinic, health consultation, popular science lectures and patients gatherings, especially suburbs, aiming to raise public awareness of kidney health and advocate healthy lifestyle.

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