Join us in honoring David Rush, a hip-hop artist and committed advocate for kidney disease research, and the 850 million people worldwide affected by kidney disease. David’s journey with kidney disease began with a subtle but telling symptom – his inability to wear his favorite vibrant socks due to swelling, a key part of his […]

Giornata Mondiale del Rene – Prevenzione delle malattie renali

Prevenzione delle malattie renali: Screening nefrologico gratuito (anamnesi, esame delle urine, misurazione della pressione arteriosa, misurazione della glicemia) dalle 10.00 alle 18.00 presso il Centro Dialisi di Cefalù, Via Vitaliano Brancati snc. Evento patrocinato dal Comune di Cefalù.

Kidney Health For All

🌟 **World Kidney Day 2024: Join Us in Nurturing Kidney Health for All!** 📅 **Date:** March 14, 2024📍 **Location:** RK Estate, Raja Bazar, Patna Dear Friends and Supporters, On behalf of Jeevan Hayat Wellness Centre, I am thrilled to invite you to our special event on World Kidney Day 2024! 🌐✨ **”Kidney Health for All”** […]

Find out if you have kidney disease with a simple test

On World Kidney Day, 24 hospitals in Flanders will open information booth to inform patients on the importance of kidney disease. Screening test kits for albuminuria will be distributed to visitors, along with flyers provideing additional information and a link to an information website. Visitors will be encouraged to check their albuminuria and to visit […]

Regional support activities for WKD – white paper regarding CKD and walk for kidney health

Patients representing six countries in Southeast Europe—Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Romania, and Montenegro—will come together in Belgrade to take part in two main activities: • The Union of Associations of Kidney Patients of the Republic of Serbia  and the Association of Dialysis and Transplant Patients “Organ donation is heroic act” have released a […]

CKD Campaign

Renal Dialysis Center Bausher with collaboration with Oman Society of Nephrology and Transplant conduct CKD Campaign in order to highlight the importance of Kidney disease prevention and treatment among population and described the positive impact of kidney care to the quality of life  Nephrology doctors and nurses from RDC Bausher and other institutions were contributed […]

14-Day, 5K Steps Challenge: Walking for Kidney Health

14-Day, 5K Steps for Kidney Health Challenge Overview: This engaging online walking challenge invites participants across India to join a 14-day journey from March 1 to March 14, aiming to complete 5,000 steps daily. Participants include individuals with kidney transplants, undergoing dialysis, or living with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) and advocates for kidney health—this initiative […]

Caminhada pelo Rim

A community walk of 2 and 5 kilometers is being organized in our unit, with the help of the town hall. It will happen in  16th March at 10a.m., and schools, external hemodialysis clinics, gyms and primary care centers were all invited to participate. At the finish line, there will be stands with nurses doing […]


El Hospital de Niños “Dr. Mario Ortiz Suárez” tiene el agrado de invitarlos al Acto en Conmemoración al Día Mundial del Riñón 2024,  a realizarse el día jueves 14 de marzo a las 9:00 a.m. en afueras del Servicio de Hematología de nuestro hospital. Su presencia será de mucho valor para el realce del evento. […]

Encuentro Cultural Renal: Celebrando una comunidad basada en fortalezas

Un evento que celebra la cultura, la comunidad y la concienciación sobre la Salud Renal, invitando a una experiencia de encuentro comunitario lleno de esperanza y fortaleza. El mismo se desarrollará en las instalaciones de Renálida y se contará con la participación de dos coros integrado en parte por pacientes con enfermedad renal, un grupo […]