From donation to transplant: let play a journey.


Vignola Italy

Date of event

10 April 2024 


I met young students attending the fourth year of high school (classic, scientific, economic and professional orientation). Eleven groups and almost 300 people. During two days, all these students had the opportunity to know and discuss aspects of donation (from free time volunteering to different ways to donate tissues and organs. The metaphorical symbol of the meeting was a piramid, from a large basis of donation (volunteering, help, lifestyle) to the tip (living and death organ donation). Lessons were customized to different class address (e.g. Caravaggio pictures to explain brain death to classic students) The meetings were held in Vignola (MO) Italy, at Istituto Paradisi (public comprehensive high school) in cooperation with professoressa Paola Sarto, Science teacher of the school. I have supported this initiative for the past 12 years as a former Director of the Nephrology and Dialysis Network of Modena National Health Service (12 nephrologists, 8 dialysis centers, 7 out-patient clinics), now retired.

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