The artist Fernanda Arce Amaré puts her creative talent towards raising awareness of kidney disease

Each month, we like to share the story of one of our WKD Champions who make World Kidney Day such a great initiative! This time, we want to present the energetic artist Fernanda Arce Amaré from Mexico.

Besides being the general director of “Asociacion Mexican Para El Estudio De La Acidosis Renal Tubular” and working in partnership with “Asociacion Ale” (association promoting organ donation), Fernanda has also an artistic soul: she is a graphic designer and has always been passionate about photography. “Looking through the lens of the camera, searching for the tiniest details of everyday life has become part of me”, said Fernanda. She gets a profound joy from using photography to create memories for the kidney cause.

Fernanda’s involvement in raising awareness for kidney disease stems from some unfortunate experiences. Several years ago, her daughter was diagnosed with Renal Tubular Acidosis. Back then, “there were no organizations about this matter neither in my country nor the rest of the world. Patients and their families were in need of information and support.” This is why Fernanda created “Asociacion Mexican Para El Estudio De La Acidosis Renal Tubular”. Fortunately after 11 years of medication, her daughter is now healthy and enjoying life like any teenager.

Fernanda is thrilled to be one of our WKD champions. She told us how positive this experience has been, from learning the importance of healthy lifestyle to meeting incredible people!

This year, in order to keep raising awareness and reaching more people, Fernanda and her team have organized several WKD activities. She is always in charge of taking pictures and designing all the materials for the WKD events.   One event Fernanda was really proud to photograph with her camera  was the “Kidney Walk” – a public walk organised in the centre of Mexico City that welcomed families, patients, doctors, and highlighted our 2016 call to action “Move Your Feet For WKD”. It was a great experience for her to capture the amazing range of emotion in so many different kinds of people.

When we told Fernanda about our new theme: “Kidney Disease and Obesity”, she got really excited and explained that she had a lot of ideas on the visuals for this theme. Fernanda said she was happy to use her creative mind to design and lead the new media campaign in Mexico! She explained that the situation in Mexico is alarming: “we have the highest level of obesity in Latin America”. Fernanda is thrilled that we have chosen this topic as she is convinced that a lot of people will feel called upon. According to Fernanda, the population in Mexico needs to know about the health risks of obesity. Most people think it is not an important matter compared to the everyday violence happening in the country, so it is crucial to inform them about the severe consequences of obesity on their health.

What we will remember from our interview with Fernanda is her enthusiasm and hard work on improving kidney health in Mexico, and her dedication to creating art for a good cause!

Still wondering what to do with your talent? One of our affiliated organisations will for sure like to have your support and you could contribute to a good cause! Your hobbies might change lives. So don’t wait, contact your local kidney association and share your talent with them!

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