WKD 2015 Results – Press Release

World Kidney Day 2015: A great anniversary campaign This press release summarizes all the World Kidney Day 2015 campaign results. Download the file and help us disseminate the WKD message and the fantastic results of the 2015 campaign. PR World Kidney Day 2015 Results

Press Release 2015 Kidney Health for All

Here you can find the official World Kidney Day 2015 press release in English and several other languages. Translations are a generous contribution of our collaborators and volunteers around the world.

WKD 2015 – Corporate Toolkit

Prevention starts not only at home, but also in the workplace. For the members of our community who work in a company that may not be related to the topic of kidney disease, you may wonder how to draw the attention of your management, colleagues, business contacts to the importance of prevention. We have put […]

WKD 2015 – Campaign Book

Everything you want to know about World Kidney Day. The Campaign Book is a complete manual that explains step by step how you can prepare for World Kidney Day, what you can do on the day itself and how to maximize your efforts. NEW! Libro de la Campaña: Campaign Book entirely translated into Spanish. (Courtesy of […]

WKD 2015 logo translated

Here you can find some translations of different 2015 WKD campaign materials. Have a look at the right hand side column to find out what materials and languages are available. Do you want to contribute to it with your language? Don’t hesitate to send your translated file to info@worldkidneyday.org

WKD 2015 Presentation Downloads

WKD Presentation Downloads Here you can find 2 sets of slides that you can use to present and explain World Kidney Day. The promotional presentation is a 2 slides ppt that you can use to briefly present WKD. The campaign presentation is a more complete ppt about what WKD is, what key messages we want to […]