Regional Reports WKD 2021

Here you can find regional reports that our champions kindly provided us with. Please take a look at the PDFs to have a better understanding of activities organised in various regions.

2021 Impact Report

The Impact Report of WKD 2021 reports some of the actions and the collective efforts made by the campaign in 2021.

WKD Press Release 2021

Here you can find the World Kidney Day 2021 press release. In the column on the right hand side of this page you can find pdf downloads of the Press release in English and several other languages. We’re grateful for the support of our champions in providing the translations, namely: – Alessandro Balducci – Italian […]

WKD 2021 Scientific Editorial – Living well with kidney disease by patient and care-partner empowerment: kidney health for everyone everywhere

Every year, a scientific editorial is written for the occasion of World Kidney Day. The papers are researches on  scientifically relevant topics that links to the campaign as a scientific basis for the annual theme.Each editorial is written by nephrologists working for the campaign on a voluntary basis and is usually published in more than 50 scientific […]

2021 WKD virtual background

The Virtual Background feature in many video conferencing systems allows you to display an image or video as your background during a meeting.  

2021 Activities Guide

The activities guide contains helpful ideas and tips for planning your World Kidney Day online activity. It includes guidance on how to create your own activity by following our 5 steps (audience, activity idea, planning, communication, and advertising). If you are considering hosting a webinar, the guide also helps you to get started. Moreover, you […]

2021 Social Media Toolkit

The toolkit contains information and resources to push out and amplify your social media campaign to raise awareness about kidney health and spread the World Kidney Day messages. It provides you with a starting point and ideas on how to create your own social media campaign including visuals and wording that you can use for […]

2021 Campaign Poster

Here you can find the WKD 2021 campaign poster. It is the graphic representation of our 2021 campaign, focusing on living well with kidney disease.

2021 Campaign Image

Here you can find the WKD 2021 campaign image. It is the graphic representation of our 2021 campaign, focusing on living well with kidney disease. In the right column you will find downloads of different sizes of this image and different languages. The size in pixel or format is marked in the name of the […]