WKD New Logo

World Kidney Day Logo Guidelines While maintaining the familiar color scheme—yellow representing urine, red symbolizing blood, and blue denoting water—the new logo proudly introduces green, underscoring our commitment to sustainability, a core value embraced by the nephrology community. You can use the logo in color or in black & white, but please do not alter […]

Press Release 2015 Kidney Health for All

Here you can find the official World Kidney Day 2015 press release in English and several other languages. Translations are a generous contribution of our collaborators and volunteers around the world.

WKD 2014 – Campaign Image

Campaign Image Guidelines  The 2014 Campaign Image contains the main message of this year campaign which is focused on CKD in aging populations. You can use the Campaign Image entire or you can use the single visuals available for download, but please do not alter the design. You are most welcome to translate the message […]

2015 Campaign Infographics

Campaign Infographics Downloads This poster includes infographics about kidneys and kidney disease. Here you can find some facts and figures on Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) and useful information on how kidneys work and how to keep them healthy. We created this poster with the intent of providing a informative and educational tool that everybody can […]