WKD 2017 Campaign Image

Here you can find the WKD 2017 campaign image. It is the graphic representation of our 2017 theme “Kidney Disease & Obesity. Healthy Lifestyle for Healthy Kidneys” In the right column you will find downloads of different sizes of this image and different languages. The size in pixel is marked in the name of the […]

World Kidney Day 2016 – Press Release

Here you can find the World Kidney Day 2016 press release. In the column on the right hand side of this page you can find pdf downloads of the Press release in English and several other languages.  

WKD 2015 Campaign Image

Campaign Image Guidelines  The 2015 Campaign Image contains the main message of this year campaign: Kidney Health for All. You can use the Campaign Image entire or you can use the single visuals available for download, but please do not alter the design (coming soon). You are most welcome to translate the message to your […]

Press Release 2015 Kidney Health for All

Here you can find the official World Kidney Day 2015 press release in English and several other languages. Translations are a generous contribution of our collaborators and volunteers around the world.

WKD 2014 Leaflet

Here you can find the pdf of the official World Kidney Day leaflet . It includes information about World Kidney Day and useful things you should know about kidneys and kidney disease. Print it out and distribute it during your events!

WKD 2014 – Glass of water Image

You can use this image to promote the idea of “Start the day by drinking a glass of water”. Please make sure you always mention the following disclaimer when talking about this idea: “Water may protect your kidneys, but it won’t cure from Chronic kidney disease”.

WKD 2014 logo translated

Some of our supporters and volunteers have kindly provided the translation of some of the campaign material in their native languages. We are sharing them here for your perusal. If you have already translated part of the material in a language not yet available here and you wish to share it, please do not hesitate […]

WKD 2015 logo translated

Here you can find some translations of different 2015 WKD campaign materials. Have a look at the right hand side column to find out what materials and languages are available. Do you want to contribute to it with your language? Don’t hesitate to send your translated file to info@worldkidneyday.org

WKD 2014 – Campaign Posters Arab Woman

Campaign Posters Guidelines In order to reflect different cultures and races we created several posters reporting the same message. The background idea is identification. The more people can identify themselves with the pictures, the more impactful the message they carry will be. Feel free to choose the one you think it is most suitable. You […]

2015 Campaign Infographics

Campaign Infographics Downloads This poster includes infographics about kidneys and kidney disease. Here you can find some facts and figures on Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) and useful information on how kidneys work and how to keep them healthy. We created this poster with the intent of providing a informative and educational tool that everybody can […]