#move4kidneys Banner

Here you can find the banner to promote our online initiative #move4kidneys

Celebrate World Kidney Day and GET MOVING!

On March 9, 2017, we invited everyone to get up and get moving to celebrate their kidneys.

“#move4kidneys” is a symbolic gesture to remember that kidneys are vital organs and that they should be taken care of. This action urges everyone around the globe, from all cultures and ages, to keep fit and active.

How to participate in the “move4kidneys” initiative:

  • Go for a walk, swim, run, go play your favourite sport, walk the dog or take the stairs – get moving!

  • Take a picture of yourself in action!

  • Share it on your social media accounts with the hashtag #move4kidneys

Be creative, keep active and involve your friends and family!

If you need some inspiration, here you can find some tweet ideas:

  • I Love My Kidneys, I Get My Body Moving For #worldkidneyday! #move4kidneys
  • Do you Know That Proper Nutrition And Exercise are Key To Prevent Kidney Disease? #move4kidneys
  • I Take Care Of My Health, I Move/Run/Skate/Ski/Cycle/Swim* For My Kidneys! #move4kidneys
  • Keeping fit helps reduce your blood pressure and therefore reduces the risk of CKD #move4kidneys
  • Whenever I Can, Wherever I Am, I Get Moving #move4kidneys
  • Support #worldkidneyday With Me, Take A Picture When You Exercise #move4kidneys!

*replace with your favourite activity: walk, jump, dance, do yoga, work out,…

Promote this initiative, download the banner here: https://www.worldkidneyday.org/resource/move4kidneys-banner/