Campaign Image 2020

Here you can find the WKD 2020 campaign image. It is the graphic representation of our 2020 campaign, focusing on the preventive aspects of kidney disease and related complications.

In the right column you will find downloads of different sizes of this image and different languages. The size in pixel or format is marked in the name of the file.

Here you can find the campaign image in Adobe Illustrator file: HERE

Guidelines to the use of the image:

  • The WKD logo cannot be removed from the visual
  • The statement “World Kidney Day is a joint ISN (logo) IFKF (logo) initiative” cannot be removed from the visual
  • WKD message cannot be altered or changed in meaning 
  • WKD trademark cannot be removed from the visual

We hope you will find it useful and it will help you disseminate the WKD message.