WKD 2015 Logo Downloads

World Kidney Day Logo Guidelines

  • The logo for World Kidney Day is composed of two kidneys and three bright colour bars. These colours represent the blood (red), excess water (blue) and urine (yellow) that our kidneys filter, clean and eliminate.
  • You can use the logo in colour or in black & white, but please do not alter the design and use it on a white background.
  • You are most welcome to translate “World Kidney Day” and the date to your own language. The best way to do this is to use the vectorized EPS file (WKD 2015 Logo Vector Format), to open it with Adobe Illustrator and replace the existing text with the text in your language.

Please note that WKD logo is copyrighted. The logo cannot be modified except for translation purposes. Commercial use of the logo is NOT permitted. The logo cannot be associated with any other logo or brand name without specific permission. Commercial industry does not have the right to use the WKD logo unless they are official global or national WKD Sponsors.  For more information, info@worldkidneyday.org