World Kidney Day Ceremonial


Iranian Society of Nephrology Tehran Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Date of event

14 March 2013 

STOP ACUTE KIDNEY INJURIES Every year the last Thursday of March is named World Kidney Day, on this day all the Proffesionals involved in the field of kidney disorders, dialysis and renal transplant, are participating in a huge and vast effort through out The World to encourage general population to look to their kidneys and its job. To increase the knowledge of ordinary people about this vital organ and its function and get know and find a better concept to look after their own kidneys and urinary system. In Iran, as any other countries, The Iranian Society of Nephrology is due to organize this very important day. This year we are going to have many activities through out the country, all designed and performed by nephrologist and personnel in charge. Such as: A big meeting in Baharloo Hospital, inviting general population for a kind of ceremony including some lecturers about kidneys and their function. Such a ceremonies will up hold in some ther main cities such as Tabriz, Shiraz, ….. A morning exercise will be held in one of the parks in Tehran , giving T- shirts to people with main Stop Acute Kidney Injury printed in it, to participants. Documentary films, interviews on IRIB TV CHANNELS, specially on Health Channel. Also a big ceremony by the Iranian Kidney Foundation We hope to report all the activities in near future.. Firooz Fassihi MD

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