World Kidney Day Celebration – Launch of Web Site


Chennai India

Date of event

12 March 2024 

SAPIENS CELEBRATES WORLD KIDNEY DAY WITH A LAUNCH OF LOSALTER GROUP Sapiens health foundation. We celebrated World Kidney Day 2024 in Chennai by launching the Losalter group and website. Dr Rajan Ravichandran, Chairman of the Foundation recalled the milestones of the foundation and the reasons and importance behind the launch of the Losalter group. The foundation has reached an agreement with the international NGO ‘Resolve to Save lives’ to train at least 300 physicians all over the country with tools for promoting low salt intake in the population. Dr Umesh Khanna Senior Nephrologist and Chairman, Mumbai Kidney Foundation expanded on this year’s World Kidney Day theme highlighting prevention and equal and optimal access to care for all. Prof Thirumalachari Ramasami (Retired Secretary, Department of Science and Technology, Government of India) launched the website and its membership program. The website shares the perspectives on the relationship between salt and health, advantages and methods of reducing salt consumption and the scientific data behind them. Shri Maadhu Balaji of Crazy Creations recalled his association with Sapiens along with Crazy Mohan for over two decades and spoke on organ donation and his experience as an organ donor for more than 20 years. Mr Sundar Ramachandran (Trustee, Sapiens Health Foundation) conducted the program and shared the notable contribution of Dr Rajan Ravichandran in taking forward the Foundations objectives, now in its 26th year looking at various initiatives to promote arokya bharath. An unsalted snack was also distributed to the audience.

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