world kidney day- awareness program


Vijay Ganga Speciality Care chennai, 600004 India

Date of event

12 March 2015 

World Kidney Day March 12th 2015, with the theme, “Health for all”is celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm and rigour at Vijayganga Speciality care(VGSC), Kidney4life today. Day started with the patient support group members and staff of VGSC, distributing education materials and offering a glass of water, to remind people about the importance of kidney, at the Eliots, Marina beach and at Nagheswara Rao park. Leaflets informing them about an educational program between 3pm and 6pm at VGSC, were given out. Educational program started at VGSC from 1pm onwards. Continuous flow of people coming in were received and directed to 6 stations assigned for HT/WT/BMI, blood test area, kidney, diabetes, hypertension and conference room for further learning. Untill 4.30 pm free labs as blood sugar, urea, creatinine and urine routine were done. At each station, patient support group and students of Train4life received patients and gave them the basic information on Hypertension, Diabetes, kidney

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