World Kidney day – awareness program


VijayGanga Speciality care Chennai, Tamil nadu,600004 India

Date of event

3 December 2015 

Vijay Ganga staff and students along with Patient support group will be participating in promoting kidney awareness among general public. 1)we will be distributing leaflets on kidney disease prevention and protection at the Eliots and marina beach on 8th sunday, at nageswara rao park on 12 march. and also inform them about the educational program that will be held in the premices of VGSC in the afternoon of 12th march. 2) we wil be starting the education and free screening at VGSC from 1pm onwards. we wil have DM, HTN and KIDNEY basic information charts and staff explaining to the general public. after getting the basic information, public will collect their reports and gather in the conference room where they can interact with a diabetologist and nephrologist. they can ask questions and get clarity on what they have learned during the visit. 3) a photo of the willing people will be taken and added to the website

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