World Kidney Day – Aswan Heart Centre


Nursing Department - Aswan Heart Centre Aswan Heart Centre Egypt

Date of event

13 March 2022 


This week Aswan Heart Centre in Egypt celebrate the World Kidney Day; Based on WKD 2022 theme “Bridge the knowledge gap, to better kidney care” Nursing Department in Aswan Heart Centre conducted an educational awareness day aiming to enhance and fill the knowledge gap for healthcare workers and patients. The Event Activities: 1-The patients and family: nurses in different departments of the facility run a several educational session, and patient group decision to promote the wellbeing of patients, and family regarding the CKD and the 8 golden rules, through utilization of interactive materials such as videos, and educational posters in Arabic. 2-The healthcare worker: an online session was conducted for all nurses in Aswan Heart Centre to enhance the knowledge background regarding chronic kidney disease, furthermore an online quiz was completed by the nurses to assess the current understanding to the chronic kidney disease prior the online session.

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