World Kidney Day 2023 – Epitome Hospitals


Epitome Kidney Urology Institute & Lions Instutute Epitome Kidney Urology & Lions Hospitals, Ashoka Park Road Opp B Block, Khizarabad, New Delhi 110025 India

Date of event

9 March 2023 

The event was organized to spread the message of WKD 2023 and start initiatives to uphold the same. The event had the following activities: Keynote Address by Dr. Vijay Kher (Chairman Nephrology & Renal Transplant at Epitome Hospitals) Speeches and presentations at the event done by other prominent dignitaries from the Kidney Health fraternity. Panel discussion with the leaders of the Kidney Healthcare Fraternity. Question and Answer session with patients and guests at the event. Dance workout demonstration and sessions done with patients and guests. Live painting for patients and guests.

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