World Kidney Day 2016


Anatolian Kidney Foundation 6510 Turkey

Date of event

10 March 2016 

Ready -Getset – Go Training Hand in Hand with People- Moderator (Nephrologist): Prof. Ayla San M.D. Speakers (Pediatric Nephrologists): Prof. Necla Buyan M.D, Prof. Rezan Topaloğlu M.D., Assoc. Prof. Fatih Özaltın M.D., Prof. Sevcan Bakkaloğlu M.D., Prof. Esra Baskın M.D. Anatolian Kidney Foundation (AKF) is preparing a training session with the participation of pediatric nephrologists with the slogan “hand in hand with public” for 10th March, 2016. Information on early diagnosis of kidney diseases in children treatment of these diseases and measures to prevent them will be told to the public. These will include genetic disorders, infections, kidney Stones, acute and chronic kidney diseases and the public will be encouraged to ask questions. Ankara Yenimahalle municipility city council community of children will also attend the activities. All these children together with those in public will be examined in terms of health issues.

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