World Kidney Day 2014 Celebration


Human Organ Transplant Center (HOTC) Nepal and Aarogya Foundation Kathmandu Nepal

Date of event

13 March 2014 

Human Organ Transplant Center (HOTC) and Aarogya Foundation have jointly organized ‘World Kidney Day Celebration’ in national open theatre at Tundikhel, Khulamanch which is at the heart of Kathmandu city on Thursday morning, 13th March 2014. Human Organ Transplant Center (HOTC) is a government owned dedicated transplant center whereas Aarogya Foundation, run by celebrities and clinicians in the country is ‘not for profit’ organisation dedicated to promote awareness and prevention from organ failure, support transplantation with modern facilities such as HLA lab and cheapest dialysis facility in nongovernment sector in the country. About 10,000 people from all walks of life participated in the awareness campaign which included an interaction programme among high level dignitaries and general public, free health camp for all and live musical concert by senior national artists such as Ani Choying Drolma, ‘MaHa’ pair, Nhyoo Bajracharya and ‘Sursudha’ band. Hon’ble Minister for Health and Population Mr. Khaga Raj Adhikari stressed on the need of awareness to prevent disease like Chronic Kidney Diseases whereas Minister for Foreign Affaiers Mr. Mahendra Pandey recalled his difficult time he struggled to arrange kidney transplantation for his wife who had kidney failure and urged everyone to take precaution rather than go for treatment. Chief Secretary of Government of Nepal Mr. Lila Mani Poudyal made a special note on prevention from kidney failure. The Secretary for the Ministry of Health and Population Dr. Praveen Mishra claimed that government is spending around US$ 5,600 for every kidney failure patients but showed dissatisfaction on the part of people who are not willing to spend even less than US$ 1 to do simple checks such as ‘Creatinine’ in blood and ‘Protein’ in urine which would help to diagnose the kidney disease at the early stage which would make the cure of the disease possible. Ms. Ani choying Drolma, President of Aarogya Foundation highlighted the importance of Organ Donation and handed over donor card to the Health Secretary. Dr. Pukar Chandra Shrestha who coordinated this event, welcomed the guests and urged all to be ‘Fit and Active’ which would help to prevent from diseases like ‘Diabetes and High Blood Pressure’ ultimately from Chronic kidney diseases, heart attack, stroke and retinopathy. The purpose of organizing this programme in open theatre was to make the event accessible to everyone. About 1,000 people were benefitted from the free kidney screening camps. National Artists ‘MaHa’ pair, Nhyoo Bajracharya, Sursudha and Ani Choying Drolma entertained the crowd with their live music.

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