World Kidney Day 2014


Dutch Kidney Patient Organisation and a lot of local organisations
Amsterdam and other places

Date of event

13 March 2014 

On March the 13th, World Kidney Day 2014, the Dutch Kidney Patients Association (NVN) will be present at the openingceremony of the Amsterdam Stock Exchange. The ceremony is called the ‘Gong ceremony’ and opens the stockmarket. The slap on the Gong also launches ReiNier, a new magazine about life with (early stage) kidney damage. World Kidney Day (WKD) is the annual day when worldwide extra attention is given to kidney diseases and their prevention. The Dutch Kidney Patients Association (NVN) and district kidney patient organisations, organise numerous activities throughout the country to inform as many people as possible about the importance of the kidneys and what it means if kidneys cease to function normally. To this end district kidney patient organisations will man information desks in the central hall of hospitals, will, together with high schools, give both workshops on salt free cooking and lectures. In addition the free magazine “ReiNIER” will be presented and distributed for the first time

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World Kidney Day 2014