World Kidney Day


National Kidney Programme / Hungary Budapest Hungary

Date of event

14 March 2013 

World Kidney Day in Budapest Surprise Event Date: 14th March 2013, at 4 p.m. Location: Mammut II. Shopping Centre, Ground floor (2-6 Lövőház, Budapest 1024) Poster Exhibition in Budapest Opening date: 14th March 2013, at 4:45 p.m. Location: Mammut II. Shopping Centre, 3rd floor (2-6 Lövőház, Budapest 1024) The exhibition is to be opened by Prof. Dr. George Reusz, the scientificl manager of the National Kidney Program of Hungary and George Zoltán, the operational manager of the National Kidney Program of Hungary The National Kidney Program of Hungary has announced a poster competition for students studying at the University of Hungarian Fine Arts at the Department of Graphics. The aim of the competition is to help bringing expressive images into life which may draw the attention of the Hungarian Society to the protection of our kidneys, their complex and essential function and the importance of the prevention of kidney disease! The slogan of this competition is: overweight of people, diabetes and high blood pressure are the first steps towards kidney insufficiency! The presentation of the winner and also the 20 best works will be held on the same occasion and location as announced above. Shadow and Light Photo Exhibition Focusing on organ transplantation Opening date: 13th March 2013, at 5 p.m. Location: ETO Park Centre, Ground floor (31 Nagysándor József, Győr 9027) The exhibition is to be opened by Dr. Károly Schneider, leading nephrologist at Győr County Hospital and Szalamanov Zsuzsa, the chief executive of the Board of Trustee of the Foundation of Transplantation for the Renewed Lives. The Shadow and Light photo exhibition of the will be presented on the 11-22nd March 2013 at the ETO Park Centre. It is part of the Hungarian National Kidney Program that is willing to join the international World Kidney Day. The photos of Iván Tarján demonstrate how patients suffering from chronic kidney insufficiency, regain their power and finally become persons living full life again thank to organ transplantation. The photos present the stations of the whole process, beginning with the donation, through dialysis treatment to transplantation. The main goal of the exhibition is to promote and raise the number of organ donations. A single donor is able to save 7 persons’ lives!

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