WKD2019 campaign Isfahan


Isfahan Kidney Diseasess Research Center Chahr Bagh-e Abbasi St. Sheykh Bahaei cross Iran

Date of event

14 March 2019 

World Kidney Day 2019 campaign was held in historical city “Isfahan” by Isfahan Kidney Diseases Research Center/Isfahan University of Medical Sciences in cooperation with abolfazl-charity.org, Isfahan Municipal and other health related organizations in Isfahan. In this campaign different health related organizations including Isfahan nutrition faculty, sport medicine for Special Sports Staff and Transplantation of Isfahan Province, Isfahan Pharmacology faculty, Nephrology Dept. and Pediatric Nephrology Dept. of IUMS contribute to a public educational and recreational program to alert our people of kidney disease risks and preventions’ strategies. Face to face education and teaching brochures, sport recreational programs and funny musical were used to prepare WKD in our historical city.

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