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Dr Manisha Sahay drmanishasahay@gmail.com India

Date of event

12 March 2020 

About 200 people attended the event. They were made aware about kidney problems. Each of them was encouraged to spread the message to his / her family, local area and friend circle. The gathering included students, social workers, doctors of other specialities, general public. It was a resounding success. One of the star attractions was a medical student who donated kidney to her mother and gave a strong message about kidney donation. When asked how does she feel now she said she feels perfect only 150 gm lighter. She is a consultant pathologist and also teaches art of living. Her enthusiasm and positive attitude towards life was infectious. Will never forget the event. Glad we could do it in such a grand way!! Thanks to the concept of WORLD KIDNEY DAY which has brought us all together cutting across boundaries, races, religions to work towards one aim- To prevent kidney diseases! Proud to be a part of it Manisha Sahay

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