WKD Awareness Campaign 2021


Tareen Education Foundation
Amina Girls Higher Secondary School Lodhran

Date of event

11 March 2021 

Tareen Education Foundation is organising this campaign to raise awareness regarding kidney health, disease prevention and management amongst students of Lodhran as part of TEF’s School Health Programme. We will be inviting Dr. Mohammad Ahad Qayyum, Nephrologist and Medical Director at Bahia International Hospital Lahore, to virtually connect with students for a kidney educative class. This will be followed by a question and answer session. Moreover, a brief educational video message by Dr. Ahad Qayyum will be shown to teachers, students and TEF’s staff members. This will also be posted on TEF’s selected social media platforms to raise public awareness. Video messages of local heroes who have courageously fought kidney-related diseases will also be highlighted. In addition, art classes dedicated to World Kidney Day will be held where students will be asked to make artworks and use 3-D models of the human kidney/urinary tract system to present what they have learnt. Furthermore, our Mobile Science Center will be conducting brief workshops in TEF adopted government schools, where students will then be presenting their understanding through models related to kidney health and diseases.

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