Webinar on Kidney Health by NuvoVivo – Kidney Disease, Precaution, diet & lifestyle modifications


NuvoVivo NuvoVivo, South Janatha Road, Palarivattom, Kerala, Kochi India

Date of event

11 March 2021 


A webinar was conducted by NuvoVivo (www.nuvovivo.com) on kidney health. The discussion involved an interview with Dr Sooraj YS – Nephrologist & Renal Transplantation Expert at Renai Medicity Hospital, Kochi, India. The discussion was initiated by Mr Rajiv Ambat, CEO & Chief Health Officer at NuvoVivo The following topics were discussed. 1. Kidney Function – Importance 2. For a common man, how can he know his kidney health needs attention 3. Kidney health & Blood Pressure / Hypertension issues 4. Diabetes – A Common kidney failure reason 5. Kidney health and N-acetyl-cysteine! 6. Is Protein bad for the kidney? 7. Salt intake, bp and kidney issues 8. Is rock salt better than the common salt for kidney 9. Vegetables to avoid kidney disease 9. How much water to drink for a healthy kidney. what about a person with kidney disease? 10. Kidney Stones! Is calcium the only villain !? 11. Dialysis for kidney failure! – Is dialysis for a lifetime once it starts? 12. In a nutshell, things to do for kidney health! NuvoVivo is an online health & fitness company in the field of medical fitness and works with clients across the globe to help them become healthy and fit and manage lifestyle diseases like – diabetes, cholesterol, thyroid, PCOD, fatty liver, uric acid, hypertension etc

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