Walkathon on World Kidney day


Chirayu Hospital Kalaburagi Chirayu Hospital Kalaburagi. Karnataka. 585101 India

Date of event

12 March 2020 

The number of patients suffering from Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) is on the rise. Kalaburagi has much more burden of CKD owing to its hot weather and lack of awareness among public Alarmingly, at least 10% of the adult population is estimated to be already suffering from CKD. Stage 5 of CKD, the last and most life threatening stage, is so incapacitating that life without dialysis or kidney transplant is not possible. Such treatment is prohibitively expensive and only about 10% of Indian patients can afford it. The surest option is its ” PREVENTION “. CKD if detected early can be treated and complications prevented. However, ignorance about kidney diseases is widespread. An important step towards fighting this ignorance is to conduct awareness program and in this direction Chirayu Hospital, Kalaburagi is conducting a walkathon to spread this message of Prevention on World Kidney Day. World kidney Day is being observed across the world on March 12th 2020 and the theme is “Kidney health for everyone everywhere from Prevention to Detection and Equitable Access to Carry. We want to halt the increasing number of kidney patients and hence the need for this world kidney day walkathon. Please extend your help in spreading this message on kidney prevention for public health interest. Today as you are aware, that Chirayu Hospital is doing dialysis and transplant which is saving few hundred patients but we believe strongly that with preventive measures we can save many thousands of life.

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