Turkish Kidney Foundation Celebrates WKD 2013: Organ Donation


Turkish Kidney Foundation Istanbul Turkey

Date of event

13 March 2013 


From: March 13, 2013 To: March 31, 2013 Phone: +90 212 507 99 50 Event Type: press, conference, publicity, activities, tv-radio,shows, billboards, led, screens, soccer, games In Turkey, organ donation rates need to be raised. For instance only 10% of the patients listed at the National List can receive kidney per year. Turkish Kidney Foundation is working on to raise the number of cadaveric organ transplantation not only for kidneys but also heart, liver, tissue, etc. This issue has three aspects: Organ donation – either living or cadaveric, consent from family members/next of kin after the brain death and transplantation process. The World Kidney Day Week will start with a press conference. Faculty members from Istanbul University Istanbul Medical School will attend the press conference, as well as academicians from teology faculty and law scool to discuss all aspcts of cadaveric organ donation. Three TV and movie celebrities support us with the photography and video footage. Hundreds of posters, billboards, LED and digital screens all over Turkey will be used for publicity. This year’s motto is “Forgive Me” which has two different meaning “donate me” and “forgive me” when translated in Turkish language. For the first time, two very important airline companies agrred to show our short video and visuals during their natinal and international flights during March. Carrefour supermarkets have printed our visual material behind 40.000 rolls of paper receipts. Soccer teams will carry our WKD banners before the games during WKD week.

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