„TOGETHER FOR KIDNEY HEALTH. I care, I research, I protect”


Polish National Association My Kidneys Kopiec Kościuszki Poland

Date of event

21 March 2023 

On March 21st 2023 the Polish “National Association My Kidney is organising a meeting at Kościuszko Mound in Kraków “under the slogan „TOGETHER FOR KIDNEY HEALTH. I care, I research, I protect”. We want to draw attention to the fact that, according to estimations, as many as 4.5 million Poles suffer from some form of kidney disease, but the vast majority (around 95% of them) do not know they have a kidney problem and often die. The symbol of those diagnosed and treated 5% people is the tip of the iceberg, hence we organize this event in Kraków on the first day of spring 2023. Our campaign aims to involve as many patients as possible to the tip of the iceberg and save their health and lives.

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