The kidney’s week at School


Fundacion Renal Jaume Arnó C/ Enric Granados 3 Lleida Spain

Date of event

29 January 2019 

This is the second year that we carry out this project, which consists in inculcating healthy life habits among the youngest. Each year we go to a different primary school to carry out interactive activities with children from 3 to 12 years old. Students learn the importance of the kidneys in our body through educational videos, their own research and experiments carried out in the classroom. The little ones adopt a teddy kidney and take care of it according to the habits acquired thanks to the childish story “The twins go to Doctor” and other practical exercises. A white T-shirt is given to each student in which they are invited to express with colorful slogans about the health of the kidneys from what they have learned.

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