The kidneys and the heart are one organ


Wellife Polyclinic Ljudevita Posavskog 31, Zagreb Croatia

Date of event

11 March 2021 

Despite the fact that these are as many as three organs, they cannot function separately and in the control of chronic diseases they should be observed together. The medicine you take “for the heart” is excreted by the kidneys, and if the dose is not determined correctly, some parameters in the blood may increase, and adversely affect heart and kidney function. The same drug, and most often it is a therapy for hypertension, properly dosed is protective for each target organ. We want to emphasize the importance of preventive interventions in preventing the occurrence and progression of kidney and heart disease, and in the Wellife Polyclinic on the occasion of World Kidney Day, we organize for our clients blood pressure measurement, kidney ultrasound and ECG recording. Think preventively – act protectively.

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