See Your Doctor Once A Year


Istanbul Turkey

Date of event

12 March 2024 

Turkey has universal health coverage including dialysis, organ transplantation and medicine. Therefore, all Turkish people need to do is to visit their GP’s and/or specialist doctors once a year. However most of the time, if they do not have any complaints, people tend to skip their routine health check-ups and this leads delays if a health problem is about to occur at early stage. Early diagnosis and treatment are crucial aspects when curing any disease or illness. Likewise at CKD, slowing down the progress and delaying end stage are important both for patient’s quality of life and also the ease the burden of public budget.

With this outdoor activity, we will hand out kidney-shaped keychains written “Once A Year” on, therefore we are hoping the draw public attention. Press will also join. Events will take place on social media. 

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