ROUND TABLE 2020 (discussion) on the theme of WKD 2020 in BANGLADESH


Kidney Awareness Monitoring and Prevention Society (KAMPS) Bangladesh National Museum Bangladesh

Date of event

9 March 2020 

Kidney Awareness Monitoring and Prevention Society (KAMPS) is going to organize a ROUND TABLE 2020 (discussion) on the eve of “WORLD KIDNEY DAY 2020” on 9 March,2020 at the VIP Lounge, National Press Club, Dhaka. The theme of the Round Table is “KIDNEY HEALTH FOR EVERYONE EVERYWHERE, FROM PREVENTION TO DETECTION AND EQUITABLE ACCESS TO CARE : HOW TO ACHIEVE THE GOAL”. World Kidney Day Champions are committed individuals and/or members of kidney foundations, societies of nephrology and patients associations that support the campaign in the effort of raising awareness of kidney disease across the globe. WKD Champions play a critical role in helping make WKD a global success. Champions help us promote World Kidney Day and spread the WKD message across all social and other media platforms. They tailor the message to their local audiences and adapt it to the culture and language. They organize and monitor WKD events in their countries. They play an essential advocacy role lobbying governments and health authorities for better kidney care and prevention. They also help us collect information about all the initiatives carried out for World Kidney Day. This year KAMPS is organizing all activities to achieve the Aim of World Kidney Day as every year. .

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