Podcasting For Our Health


Primrose Granville, NHS Blood and Transplant, BCfm Radio Bristol United Kingdom

Date of event

10 March 2022 

Episode 8 of Podcasting for Our Health with The Accidental Campaigner, Primrose Granville will feature Dr. Pippa Bailey, Consultant Nephrologist & Researcher talking about kidney disease, failure & research around kidney treatments alongside Angella Ditchfield, Specialist Nurse Organ Donation on how families are approached at end of life regarding organ donation and Dr. Wilf Okoroafor, Registrar & Consultant in training on what the kidneys do & why Organ Donation is so important in African Heritage communities. In this 40 minutes episode, The Accidental Campaigner will reflect on her vulnerabilities around getting a transplant quickly, her mental health & guilt around being such a quick recipient.

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