“Obesity and Kidney Health”


Rocha Brito Foundation, Institute of Rim of Campinas, Hospital Vera Cruz, Clinic Humânitas Albano de Almeida Lima St.384, Jd.Guanabara, zip code 13073-131, Campinas - São Paulo Brazil

Date of event

19 March 2017 

In total, more than 5,000 people were informed about Chronic Kidney Disease, its causes and treatments, in the Praça da Concórdia, in Campo Grande, Campinas, interior of São Paulo, this Sunday (03/19). The number of volunteers also surprised. There were more than 300 people. A total of 500 completed consultations were conducted with anamnesis directed at risk factors, physical examination with blood pressure, pulse, weight, height and body mass index, and 250 creinine blood tests that measure the functioning of the Kidneys. There were also examinations of Glycemia, which measures blood sugar level, were 1950 exams.

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