Obese Market


Turkish Kidney Foundation Gunes-1 Sokak, No 2, 34180 Bahcelievler, Istanbul Turkey

Date of event

7 March 2019 

We tend to consume food and beverages in daily basis but mostly we are unaware of their nutritional values such as calories, how much sugar and/or salt they contain. A package of candy contains way more sugar than our daily need. Extra salt that we add in our soup may increase our blood pressure. Have you ever think about it? In order to draw attention to this hidden and mainly overlooked problem, Turkish Kidney Foundation proudly announces the grand opening of” Obese Market”. In Obese Market, you can find any kind of junk food, you can enjoy highly fatty menus desinged for you, you can taste “Horrible Opportunities” of our salt loaded menus or you can prefer our “Terrible Offers” full of fat, sugar, salt or you name it… In this market, you don’t count the figures on your receipt, you count the calories, amount of sugar, salt and fat. You learn what actually you do to your body, how you lose your health by your choices. Visit www.obezmarket.com to learn more about what you consume!

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