Obese Market Grand Opening


Turkish Kidney Foundation Gunes-1 Sokak, No 2, 34180 Bahcelievler, Istanbul Turkey

Date of event

7 March 2019 

Do you like to eat without any limits? Don’t you care how sweet is your beverage? Being overweight is none of your concern? Then, welcome to OBESE MARKET! – Families Are Mas About Us* By shopping at Obese Market, you are entering a whole new world full of salt, sugar, fat and calories… Horrible Menus and Terrible Opportunities are waiting for you at www.obezmarket.com Do you think the WKD site is hacked? No, don’t worry. Obese Market is a registred mark of Turkish Kidney Foundation, particularly designed for Turkish Kidney Foundation’s 2019 World Kidney Day activities. In today’s world, people are surrounded by junk food which are loaded sugar, salt, preservatives, fat and calories. Obesity is a huge threat for our children. Millions of people suffer from obesity and poor nutrition related diseases such as chronic kidney disease, diabetes, heart diseases, immune system failure, etc. Now it’s time to take action… Visit www.obezmarket.com In this market, you will not see how much money you spend on junk food, you will understand how you generously spend your health. * The original Turkish titleexploit a word trick; the phrase “mad about us” has double meaninh in Turkish language; “is mad about” and “got sick”. All the names and product desings are fictional and does not copy and/or refer any brands and/or products. Any resemblence is conincidence.

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