Nemocnica BORY Instagram LiveStream


Bratislava Slovakia

Date of event

5 March 2024 

On March 5, 2024, we would like to prepare a live stream for our followers on the Bory Hospital Instagram on the occasion of World Kidney Day.

The course of the live stream will be as follows:
1. The introduction, which, together with the moderation, will be in charge of the colleague from the PR department, Ms Bianka Krejciova. She will introduce Dr. Lubomir Polascin as a nephrology and dialysis specialist in BORY Hospital (Penta Hospitals) as well as the World Kidney Day initiative.
2. Interesting facts about the kidneys and the most common kidney diseases – input by Dr. Polascin.
3. Presentation of the dialysis clinic in BORY Hospital (Penta Hospitals) – entry of Dr. Polascin.
4. Questions and Answers (QAs) from our Instagram fans – questions are asked by Bianka to Dr. Polascin.

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