minnie ogie puppet


Minnie Ogie
Pujon, Batu city/65391

Date of event

18 March 2015 

Our next event is Minnie Ogie puppet. This campaign will use puppet to tell the participant about the difference beetwen 2 characters, Minnie and Ogie. The first character is Minnie, she is a kid who care about the teeth healthy and the important of drink water. The second character is Ogie, who has a bad habit in that two activities. Why we socialize about the important of brush teeth? Because brushing teeth is the primary need for human. Kidney disease is not only caused by the lack of drinking water but also caused by the bacteria that exist in our mouth and teeth. So we should keep the cleanliness of our teeth and mouth trough brushing our teeth regularly. We also campaign about the important thing to fulfill our water need in a day. We all know that we have to drink 1,5 liter water in a day (for child) but our target doesn’t know about this yet, so this subprogram used to realize them in these two important things.

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minnie ogie puppet