Living Kidney Adventures


Bobby McLaughlin Mt. Kilimanjaro Tanzania

Date of event

9 March 2023 


Thirty-two living kidney and liver donors, a transplant surgeon and medical staff, kidney recipients and supporters team up to summit Mount Kilimanjaro on World Kidney Day, March 9, 2023 – shouting from the rooftop of a continent “You too can save a life.” These living, walking, climbing testimonies to how you can profoundly help another soul, and still lead a healthy, adventurous life, are using their bodies and collective voices to demonstrate what’s possible after donation. Fifteen of our climbers already donated. Some gave their life saving gift to someone they knew, others to a stranger, all gave another person a new lease on life, another family their dad, sister or child back. Each donor has a different journey to donation, but two threads remain constant throughout; they heard a story and felt compelled to help, and they’d do it again if they could.

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