Let’s Raise Awareness for Kidney Disease!


UMC Utrecht, Utrecht University, RadboudUMC, UMC Groningen, VU Medical Center, Dutch Kidney Patients Association, the Dutch Kidney Foundation 3584CG Netherlands

Date of event

10 March 2016 

As this year’s theme is “Kidney disease and children, act early to prevent it,” (pediatric) nephrologists, kidney researchers, nurses, and kidney patients travel by bus to primary schools near the UMCs, with a fun teaching program. The children (ages 10-12) will learn what the kidneys do and how to take better care of the organ, in addition to some fun experiments related to kidney function. Finally, a kidney patient will talk to the children about the impact kidney disease has on his or her daily life. In addition to this program, each participating university medical center will organize a local event for kidney patients and relatives to demonstrate the kidney research performed in their research center.

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