Kids In The Kitchen


Turkish Kidney Foundation
Kanyon AVM Intema Akademi Buyukdere Cad, 34394

Date of event

11 March 2019 

Childreen and teenagers are entering the kitchen to make healthier & better versions of the junk food and sweetened snacks they eat in daily basis. Thanks to our venue sponsor Intema Life Academy and celebrities to spread our message to wide masses, our event highly drew attention of the media and community. Students from various schools, Prof Dr Lale Sever, MD of Istanbul University Cerrahpasa Medical School Pediatric Nephrology Department and Prof Dr Olcay Evliyaoglu of Istanbul University Cerrahpasa Medical School Pediatric Endocrinology Department also attended our activity to inform us about nutritional facts of childhood obesity and its effects of general health. Mrs Dilistan Shipman, PhD, Head of Bilgi University Gastronomy and Hospitality prepared health alternatives of the snacks and food that youngsters love to consume. Turkish Kidney Foundation’s President Timur Erk moderated the event which TV channels joined to make interviews. Children were asked to blind taste and guess the ingredients of a dip made with vegetables and legumes and at the end they were surprised to learn that the delicious dip was made of artichoke, dill, garlic and chickpea. Then, all participants made a healthy omelette with bell pepper and oat. Plaques were presented to those who contributed the event.

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Kids In The Kitchen