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Patna India

Date of event

14 March 2024 

🌟 **World Kidney Day 2024: Join Us in Nurturing Kidney Health for All!**

📅 **Date:** March 14, 2024
📍 **Location:** RK Estate, Raja Bazar, Patna

Dear Friends and Supporters,

On behalf of Jeevan Hayat Wellness Centre, I am thrilled to invite you to our special event on World Kidney Day 2024! 🌐✨

**”Kidney Health for All”**

Let’s unite on March 14 at RK Estate, Raja Bazar, Patna, to raise awareness and celebrate the importance of kidney health. Our Director, Dr. Mosheer Alam, leads the charge in advocating for comprehensive kidney well-being for everyone.

🔍 **Event Highlights:**
– **Educational Sessions:** Gain insights into maintaining optimal kidney health.
– **Free Health Check-ups:** Avail yourself of complimentary kidney health assessments.
– **Interactive Workshops:** Learn practical tips for a kidney-friendly lifestyle.
– **Community Support:** Join hands to foster a culture of kidney wellness.

Our commitment to spreading awareness extends beyond this event. Together, let’s demystify kidney health, ensuring everyone has access to vital information for a healthier life.

⏰ **Time:** 10:30 am onward
📞 **Contact:** For further details, reach us at ☎️ 9771465188

Your presence and support are integral to making this initiative a success. Together, let’s make strides toward a future where kidney health is a shared priority!

See you there!

Best regards,
Jeevan Hayat Wellness Centre

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