Kidney Health For All


Health & Awareness 395 Old Great Neck RD, Virginia Beach, VA 23454 United States

Date of event

12 March 2022 

Health & Awareness is proud to host the World Kidney Day Charity campaign live again and continue a 10-year tradition of community kidney disease prevention training campaign once again after being lock down due to COVID. For those still skeptical about social gathering the event will be virtual as well. This year’s World Kidney Day campaign training will consist of a panel presented by a Nephrologist, Dietitian, Nutrition, Caregiver Medical Provider, Laboratory Technician, during a luncheon. Luncheon guests will enjoy a special Q&A between each professional distinguished panelist. The World Kidney Day campaign Luncheon will be headlined by a special guest and dialysis patients, at risk patients and kidney transplant patients will share their stories from their kidney disease experiences and a Q&A with attendees.

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