Healthy kidneys


Iranian Society of Pediatric Nephrology, Aliasgahr children hospital Ali-Asghar Children’s Hospital, Zafar St,1919816766, Iran Iran

Date of event

12 March 2020 

we show the animations about kidney, care, and prevention of disease, tell the story of kidney for healthy kids, ask them to draw a picture and launch a competition for their drawing and their belief about prevention of kidney disease and finally give a small prize to winners according to the age. take photo. 2- we produce simple word brochures to distribute among kids about kidney and prevention 3- we asked the kids with kidney disease to write a story about themselves and focus son what deteriorates their kidney and what would be their message. The society going to publish the collection with their drawing 4- publish the information about the kidney and care in Farsi in our website 5- send information to the news and media in order to increase the awareness 6- in the entrance of all collaborating children hospitals in various part of Iran we are going to spread this activity and the leaflet

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