Group Discussion on Disasters and Kidney management


The Nephrology Society Nagpur Meditrina Hospital, Ramdaspeth, Nagpur India

Date of event

1 March 2023 


Respected Sir/Madam, It brings me immense pleasure to submit our activity for World Kidney Day 2023.The Nephrology Society, Nagpur is a group of Nephrologist from central India who have come together for furthering public education and awareness in Kidney diseases, research and Nephrology workforce training. We conduct periodic CME/ symposia for our colleagues , practitioners form other specialities , primary care providers and medical students. As you are aware, the theme of the world kidney day this year is disasters and kidney. The guiding document for disaster management in India is the medical guidelines issued in 2007. Unfortunately, advice regarding dealing with patients with preexistent kidney disease and those on renal replacement therapy are not adequately covered in this document. Therefore there is a scope for inputs from the nephrologists regarding this matter. To facilitate this document creation , The Nephrology Society organised a group discussion at hotel Hardeo, Munje marg, Sitabuldi, Nagpur on 1st march at 8 pm. It was streamed live on Society’s You tube channel whose link is as follows Following was the outline of the Discussion Section Discussion lead by 1. Disasters: types and implications on the healthcare Mr Saini (Ex Director, National Civil Defence College Nagpur) 2. Preamble Dr V L Gupta (Consultant Nephrologist Nagpur) 3. Prevention of Acute kidney injury Dr Suryashree Pande(Consultant Nephrologist Nagpur) 4. Treatment of Acute kidney injury Dr Manish Balwani(Consultant Nephrologist Nagpur) 5. Management of CKD (Conservative) Dr Anand Chellappan(Consultant Nephrologist Nagpur) 6. Management of dialysis facilities Dr Ashwinikumar Khandekar (Consultant Nephrologist Nagpur) 7. Advice to patients on Maintenance HD Dr Dhananjay Ookalkar (Consultant Nephrologist Nagpur) 8. Management of Kidney Transplant Patients Dr S J Acharya (Consultant Nephrologist Nagpur) 9. Management of the Patients on CAPD Dr Prakash Khetan (Consultant Nephrologist Nagpur) 10. Psychosocial interventions for kidney patients in times Dr Kanak Gillurkar (Consultant of disasters Psychiatrist Nagpur)

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