Gowerton Comprehensive School World Kidney Day Event


Chris Brown, Rhian Thomas. SA4 3DL United Kingdom

Date of event

8 March 2017 

Staff from Swansea’s Morriston Renal Unit will be teaming up with Gowerton Comprehensive School to put on a prevention and awareness campaign for World Kidney Day. This is something Morriston Renal Unit has been doing around different schools in Swansea for the last 4-5 years, visiting a different school each year and raising awareness of Kidney Disease and Kidney Injury. The day will consist of seeing different groups of students throughout the day in a sports hall, the groups will then visit a carousel of stations explaining; what your kidneys do, dialysis, transplantation, exercise, healthy eating and drinking water and smoking. Also attending will be local kidney charities, a consultant who will present on the infoKID website and a bottled water company. The day aims to give lots of information to the young people from Gowerton School about looking after your kidneys and in particular the dangers of obesity, in a way that is engaging and memorable. We want to encourage young people to make good healthy choices in their lives. Gowerton School have also organised a Fun Run, one 5k and one 10k for the weekend after the event which we will try to sign young people up to on the day. This fun run will also raise money for the Paul Popham Renal Fund, who will be one of the local kidney charities in attendance.

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