Día Mundial del Riñón 2016


Sociedad Argentina de Nefrología Av. Pueyrredon 1085, Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, CP 1185 Argentina

Date of event

10 March 2016 

On the occasion of the World Kidney Day on March 10th, the Argentinian Society of Nephrology will develop various activities throughout the country. Centralized in children and kidney health, acting fast to prevent it, it has been designed a cartoon called Reni, which uses child’s language to tell them how to take care of the kidney, plus a board game with the 8 golden rules to care for kidney health that will be distributed in pediatric hospitals and nephology services. In addition, promotion of kidney health will be held in different hospitals, plazas, walks. In health centers we will be taking blood pressure, anthropometric measurements, determination of blood glucose, and urine dipstick. A schedule will be developed in the media such as television, radio and graphic media to communicate the population the prevention measures and scientific meetings in different institutions aimed at primary care physicians, fellows, nurses, etc.

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