Delivering Success – Update on Pregnancy and Kidney Disease


Prof Liz Lightstone, Dr Kate Bramham, Dr Matt Hall and Research Midwife Katherine Clark Royal College of Physicians, 11 Saint Andrews Place NW1 4LE London United Kingdom United Kingdom

Date of event

8 March 2018 


This event, Delivering Sucess – an update on pregnancy and kidney disease, is a World Kidney Day event aimed at obstetricians, midwives, nurses, nephrologists, patients and their families. Patients’ real-world experiences will be followed by presentations on recent developments on the topic. The theme for World Kidney Day 2018 is Kidney Disease and Women’s Health aligned with International Women’s Day. The meeting is generously supported by Kidney Research UK, Kidney Care UK, the Renal Association and the Royal College of Physicians. The aims of this meeting are to provide education for women with kidney disease (and their families) contemplating pregnancy, and to provide an update for practitioners involved in their care.

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