CME & Prof.Dr. SPT Essay Competition


Coimbatore India

Date of event

15 March 2024 

In lieu of World Kidney Day SPT Hospitals had organised events, a prominent institution renowned for its expertise in kidney care it is imperative to recognize the pivotal role played by our esteemed founder, Prof. Dr. S P Thiagarajan, a trailblazer in healthcare with over 40 years of invaluable experience. His visionary leadership has shaped the ethos of SPT Hospitals, guiding it towards excellence in kidney care.

Prof. Dr. S P Thiagarajan’s pioneering work includes orchestrating the first Cadaver Kidney Transplantation in Coimbatore, India in 1998, a milestone that revolutionized renal healthcare in the region. His relentless pursuit of excellence culminated in the prestigious Health Excellence Award in 2005, a testament to his dedication and contributions to the field of nephrology.

Beyond his clinical prowess, Prof. Dr. S P Thiagarajan is a revered educator who has mentored countless students, imparted not only medical knowledge but also instilled a passion for compassionate patient care. His commitment to academic excellence is evident through his leadership in spearheading programs aimed at advancing nephrology research and education.

Under his guidance, SPT Hospitals has embraced the motto of prevention, emphasizing the importance of early intervention and holistic approaches to healthcare. Prof. Dr. S P Thiagarajan’s enduring legacy continues to inspire generations of healthcare professionals, shaping the future of kidney care with compassion, innovation, and excellence., several competitions have shed light on the evolving landscape of renal health management. These competitions not only served as platforms for academic discourse but also as avenues for raising awareness about kidney diseases among the public.


The CME session on 15.03.2024 delved into the intricate interplay between hypertension and chronic kidney disease (CKD), with a focus on the role of SGLT-2 inhibitors and non-steroidal MRA antagonists in diabetic kidney diseases. Hypertension is a significant risk factor for CKD progression, and managing blood pressure is crucial in preventing renal complications. The emergence of novel therapeutic agents like SGLT-2 inhibitors and MRA antagonists presents promising avenues for mitigating renal damage in diabetic patients. These discussions underscored the importance of interdisciplinary approaches in tackling complex renal conditions.


In the realm of academia, the Prof. Dr. SPT Gold Medal Essay Competition tackled the theme of “Newer Concepts in Pathophysiology & Management of Diabetic Kidney Diseases.” This competition provided a platform for MD/DNB (Gen. Medicine) students to explore cutting-edge advancements in understanding the pathophysiological mechanisms underlying diabetic kidney diseases. It also highlighted innovative strategies for disease management, emphasizing the need for personalized and holistic approaches to patient care. Winners were awarded on 15.03.2024.


Complementing the academic discourse, the Reels Competition on Kidney Health & Awareness facilitated creative expressions on the significance of kidney health. Through short video entries, participants disseminated valuable information about kidney diseases, prevention strategies, and the importance of early detection. This initiative leveraged social media platforms to reach a wider audience, fostering greater awareness about renal health within the community. Winners were awarded on 15.03.2024.


Meanwhile, the Art Competition centred on the theme “Kidney Health for All,” aligning with World Kidney Day’s mission of promoting universal access to kidney healthcare. Nursing & Paramedical students showcased their talent on 13.03.2024  by illustrating the importance of equitable healthcare services and the significance of preventive measures in safeguarding kidney health. The artworks served as powerful visual narratives, resonating with viewers and catalysing conversations about the need for inclusivity in renal care initiatives. Winners were awarded on 15.03.2024.


These events collectively underscored the multidimensional approach required to address the challenges posed by kidney diseases. By integrating medical advancements with creative initiatives and public awareness campaigns, SPT Hospitals is spearheading its efforts to promote kidney health and enhance the quality of life for individuals affected by renal conditions. As we continue to navigate the evolving landscape of renal health management, collaboration, innovation, and advocacy will remain paramount in ensuring a healthier future for all.

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